Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering

Closeup of electronic circuit board with CPU microchip electronic components background

Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) is a discipline that combines electronics engineering and information communication. It is approved by PSBTE(Punjab State Board of Technical Education), Chandigarh. Guru Nanak Institute of Technology is one of the best colleges to provide the knowledge in the field of ECE to its students. The term “Electronics Engineering” denotes a broad engineering field that covers subfields such as Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics, Consumer Electronics, Embedded Systems, Robotics, VLSI etc. The department has valuable software tools like SPICE, EDA tools, software defined radio tools, MATLAB, NFSS. ECE is the fastest growing sector of the industry. It is one of the best colleges to offer this course in all over Chandigarh, Jammu &Kashmir, and Haryana.

The curriculum is designed to offer three years regular course having the last semester as an industrial exposure. There is an intake of 60 students every year. The faculties are having the vast knowledge of the subject and provide quality education to students. The teachers are well qualified and having good experience in teaching, and they also published their papers in various journal and conferences.

Laboratories Facilities in Electronics & Communication Engineering (As per PSBTE & IT, Mohali)

  • Electronic Instruments and Measurement
  • Principles of Communication Engineering
  • Digital Electronics
  • Electronic Devices and Circuits
  • Electrical Machines
  • Computer Programming and Application
  • Network Filters and Transmission Lines
  • Communication System
  • Power Electronics
  • Microprocessor

  • Electronics Design and Fabrication Technique
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Trouble Shooting of Electronic Equipment
  • Communication System
  • Micro controllers and Embedded System
  • Instrumentation and PLCs
  • Computer Networks
  • Microwave and Radar Engineering
  • Wireless and Mobile Communication