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Department of Applied Science

The Department of Applied Science at GNIT, Dalewal, is committed to making engineers with professional and leadership qualities to take up challenging assignments in Engineering and allied fields, in order to serve society with high moral and ethical values. Applied science is the application of existing basic scientific knowledge to practical applications such as engineering and technology. Applied science utilizes scientific processes and knowledge as the means to achieve a particular practical or useful result. This includes a broad range of applied science-related fields such as Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Contents of Course

  • English and communication skill
  • Appllied Physics
  • Applied Maths
  • Applied chemistry
  • Computer and fundamental information technology
  • Basic Electronics
  • Energy conservation
  • Environment studies
  • Engineering drawing

Laboratories of Course

  • English and communication Lab
  • Appllied Physics Lab
  • Applied chemistry Lab
  • CFIT lab
  • Energy Conservation lab
  • Basic Workshops for Machining, Welding, Carpentry, Sheet Metal etc.